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General Organization for Seeds Multiplication

The General Organization for Seeds Multiplication is one of the most important productive institutions followed to the Ministry of Agriculture in the Syrian Interim Government. It is interested in supporting farmers and providing technical services for them and meet all the agricultural production requirements:  improved , sieved and treated seeds , fertilizers and other items at discounted prices.

At first the institution began its work with the Council of Free Aleppo Governorate  and after the formation of the Syrian Interim Government the institution established branches in all the beyond regime’s control areas.
Now, the institution has nine branches in the following  provinces:

Aleppo – Idlib – Hama – Homs – Latakia – Damascus – Daraa and Al-Quneitra

The General Organization for Seeds Multiplication and its activities are managed by a group of qualified and experienced  agronomists, within a collaborator and ambitious team, many of them had previously been working in the General Organization for Seeds Multiplication for many years, and are still sharing and exchanging experiences with their colleagues there away from their backgrounds and affiliations, and they are ready for integration into any governmental body which will be agreed upon by all the conflicting parties, and working to increase their abilities by following training courses and providing services for farmers regardless of where they are located.

– Maintaining the local seed varieties of agricultural crops through multiplication and preventing their extinction and deterioration, and establishing a genetic bank to save varieties, and laboratories to make sure that these varieties are free from diseases.

Finding and providing good and reliable seeds for farmers, whether from local production or through import at discounted prices compared to the local market, especially the seeds of strategic crops such as wheat and potatoes to motivate farmers to continue farming and increasing the production so as to contribute achieving the food security.


Establishing and activating the agricultural guidance centers to spread awareness among farmers about the optimal technical management of the fields and the use of modern farming techniques in order to increase production


Supporting optimally the agricultural production process by providing all agricultural production requirements for farmers such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides


Working on the spread of new seed varieties of improved seeds through the field days and the agricultural seminars.

Institution's policy

Multiplication contracts are held with some wheat farmers to maintain local varieties and multiply them and to encourage farmers to cooperate in this field through the purchase of the output crop at a price that is more than the market price by as much as 15%. As well as the institution hold contracts with farmers to multiply potato seeds within the net houses of the institution, especially for the desired varieties and providing the seeds locally at discounted prices.

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