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The G.O.S.M. (Implementing Partner of the 2017 Wheat Project) organized a heuristic seminar for farmers in Hama. The lecturers talked about the wheat project and its strategic importance, and then explained the ways of using herbicides for wheat crop, the types of pesticides used, the rates of their use, the dates of their use and the importance of serving the wheat crop from plowing till harvest. Also, they talked about the danger of the vole pest, the damage it caused, and explained ways to control it. Paper lectures and illustrating pictures for all the paragraphs of the seminar were prepared, in addition to brochures about the service of wheat crop and the herbs spread in wheat fields, and ways to control the vole pest. The wheat project is a partnership among Qatar Red Crescent ( Q.R.C), the Assistance Coordination Unit ( A.C.U ) and  the General Organization for Seed Multiplication ( G.O.S.M) .

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