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Author: GOSM

Availability of hybrid vegetable seedlings including tomatoes, peppers, eggplants

The General Organization for Seed Multiplication announces the availability of hybrid vegetable seedlings (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants). Farmers wishing to obtain quantities of these seedlings should check out the Organization branches in Western Aleppo (Al- Gina) and Idlib (Saraqeb) to obtain the quantities required at promotional prices. Note: the seedlings are with good roots and a length of (15-20) cm and with thick solid stalks. Free of pests. Well...

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Advertisement for potato farmers

To all potato farmers who bought ( 2 tons and more ) potato seeds from the General Organization for Seeds in Idlib branch and West Aleppo branch, Please check out the organization’s branches to receive the free potato...

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The General Organization for Seed Multiplication continues to complete its plan for the production of forestry seedlings

In the absence of the official bodies responsible for the production of hybrid vegetable,  forestry and fruitful seedlings in the liberated areas, the G.O.S.M. continues to complete its plan for this year to produce more than 100,000 forestry and fruitful seedlings and 200,000 hybrid vegetable seedlings desirable for farmers for the current agricultural...

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